Estate Liquidation

Estate Buy-Out Services

The Barn Bros, We buy estates

We offer estate liquidation and will purchase the entire contents of your estate for a fixed amount. We offer free consultation, and will clean out everything for you. We also offer to professionally conduct an estate sale of your items (this will bring maximize potential earnings for you). Learn more about our estate sale option - click here.

Advantages of estate buy-out:

  1. Immediate income is needed
  2. Prefer to avoid an estate sale or auction on the premises
  3. Rapid removal of personal property to sell the house
  4. Items are located in storage
  5. It is too time consuming to engage auction/estate sale services

Our Buyout Service is a responsible and efficient way to empty your house, so that you can do all the things you need to put the house on the market, settle other financial matters, and act responsibly on behalf of the estate.

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