About Us

The Barn Bros Story

The Barn Bros StoryOne summer day, Ben happened to stumble across a great deal on a camper trailer, and on a whim, he purchased the trailer. Having really no need for the trailer, he decided to resell the trailer and hopefully put a couple bucks in his pocket. He did not expect to be completely blown away by what happened next.  A couple responded to his for sale advertisement, and after hearing their story, his life was changed. This couple had been living in their car, saving their dimes in the hope that they could find cheap enough housing, but had yet to find affordable housing. Ben offered the trailer well below value to help them out, and they were overjoyed. Moved by this transaction, Ben talked with Josh and an idea formed. If they could start a company that could buy and sell at amazingly low prices and impact needy people, as well as giving back large portions of profit to those in need in the Flagstaff community, then a greater purpose could be achieved.

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Why The Barn Bros?

Every good name has a good story. Sitting around a campfire late at night during a church camp, the name flagXchange was born. As time went on, this name didn’t have the emotion that was needed that would reflect our ultimate goal of gaining community involvement. Barn Bros comes from humble beginnings. To make our dream a reality, we began selling out of Josh’s barn on his property to test this dream, and build enough capital to open a retail store as flagXchange. One weekend when we had a new lot of goods come in, we posted our items for sale on a community webpage, and one of the potential buyers commented, “Hey it’s the barn guys!” to one of her friends. At that moment we knew that this dream could become a reality. We were gaining a community following and wanted the name to reflect the growth of our new idea. The Barn Bros was then born, and with it the excitement of the future potential to impact people’s lives.

Our Mission

The Barn Bros provide a heart-warming, fun, and economical solution to obtain household goods, and are empowered by the community to give HOPE to everyone in every walk of life.

Who We Are

Ben profile picBen spends his days working on finding great deals he can pass on to The Barn Bros customers. In his free time you can catch him hiking or biking up a mountain, riding horses, and spending time with his three beautiful children, and lovely wife. He tried living in several states to find somewhere that appealed to his desires, and he found that when he settled in Flagstaff. He has a passion for helping others, interacting with people, and making a positive difference in those around him.

Josh profile picJosh currently works as a Physician Assistant at East Flagstaff Family Medicine. He moved to Flagstaff to find a quiet mountain town to raise his kids. His passions include mountain biking, snowboarding, and spending time with his 4 boys, daughter, and wife. He has served 12 years in the Army including 2 combat deployments. He has dedicated his life to assisting others achieve health and happiness and couldn't be prouder to be a member of the Flagstaff community.